Shazbot Media | Affordable Websites, newsletters, social media, and digital marketing

Our Mission

To deliver a simple, effective, and affordable digital marketing strategy for small businesses.

What We Do

We reach your existing customers and develop new ones every month by:

  1. Building you a website and keeping it fresh and new;
  2. Getting in front of people with a customized newsletter;
  3. Keeping followers informed through social media updates


Simply supply us with a brief description of what your business is doing month-to-month. Let us know if you’re offering a special, want to produce a coupon, need to make an announcement, or anything else that’s happening.

Why We’re Different

  1. We’re incredibly inexpensive. We charge one low monthly fee for your package. You won’t be shelling out thousands up front for a static web site;
  2. We handle all the technical aspects for you. No need to concern yourself with hosting, domain registrations, search engine optimization, software and all that complicated stuff;
  3. We save you valuable time. We’ll get you up and running in no time flat and save you the effort of having to learn software programs or make updates yourself.
  4. Your customers will be engaged. Unlike most advertising, your customers will actually see your message and be able to interact with you directly.